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Looking for a credit report and free credit score or for identity theft protection and not sure which service to use or where to go? We have reviewed over 100 credit reporting companies and have listed the "TOP 3" companies below. We have looked at what each company offers, trial periods, prices, BBB complaints, and more to determine the BEST providers that you can trust.

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Did you know there are over 100 different credit reporting companies to choose from? We have done the research to narrow it down to the "BEST 3" companies to look to when you are looking for a credit report and/or credit score. We have looked in detail at what each company offers, have talked directly with each company, compared trial periods, pricing, Better Business Bureau (BBB) complaints, and much more to find the companies that you should be dealing with.

You might ask, "Why did we do this and what's in it for us?" It's simple. Back in 2004 I was the victim of identity theft and it took me over 3 years of constant battling with the credit reporting companies to get my credit fixed. After this devastating ordeal, I made it my mission to make sure others are educated so this doesn't happen to them. There were some simple, inexpensive, steps that I could have taken to prevent my identity theft. For example, I could have used one of the services below to check my credit report and score often so that I could have seen the changes to my credit report before it was too late. With the services below, they all offer 3 bureau credit monitoring which is very important so that I would have been immediately notified of changes to my credit report. In addition, two of these companies below offer a $1 million Identity Theft Guarantee so that if anyone tries to steal my identity while I am using the service, I am protected for $1 million which is a great feature. I sure wish I would have had something like this back when it happened to me.

I hope you find My-CreditScore.com valuable and if you have any credit reporting companies you are considering and it is not in the list below, send us an email and we will tell you whether we recommend them or not.

Credit Score Service Reviews (as of Sunday, June 17, 2018)

Company Name: Offers: Free Trial Available: Delivery: Bureaus Monitored: ID Theft Protection: Overall Rating: Summary:
Go Identity Protect
Experian Credit Report; Credit Score available Yes; Free 30-day trial Experian report at sign-up; additional reports and scores available for a fee All 3 $1 million 5/5 stars Best way to protect against Identity Theft; $1 million Protection Guarantee
GoFreeCredit 3in1
3in1 Credit Report & scores from all 3 bureaus Yes; Free 7 day trial 3-bureau report + 3 scores each quarter All 3 Credit Fraud Protection 5/5 Stars 3in1 report & scores for free; most comprehensive service; free trial
GoFreeCredit FICO
Free FICO Score + Credit Monitoring Yes; Free 7 day trial Free FICO Score + Daily credit monitoring of your Equifax, Experian and TransUnion credit files All 3 N/A 4/5 Stars The only service that offers your actual FICO score; free trial
Go Identity Protect

GO IDENTITY PROTECT REVIEW: Go to Web Site | Back to Overview Chart

If identity theft is the main reason why you want to check your credit, then Go Identity Protect should be your choice. We chose this as the best option for many reasons. Even if you are just looking for a credit report, it is still a great option because you will get free identity theft protection as well.

Go Identity Protect offers $1 million identity theft protection which means they will compensate you up to $1 million for: stolen funds, legal expenses, lost wages, private investigators, and Loan application fees, long distance telephone costs, mailing and postage costs, costs of having affidavits or other documents notarized that relate to you reporting and/or resolving an Identity Theft. Believe me when I say you don't know how valuable this is unless you have been a victim of Identity Theft before. I spent well over $20,000 of my own money trying to restore my credit. If only I would have known that there were services like this before I was a victim.

You will get 3-bureau credit monitoring with email alerts, a 30-day trial, and a Experian credit report at sign up. If you are also looking for a credit score, you have the option of purchasing one during signup.

Go Identity Protect is the #1 Identity Theft product we have found on the market today. We highly recommend it!

GoFreeCredit 3in1

GoFreeCredit 3in1 REVIEW: Go to Web Site | Back to Overview Chart

If your goal is to get all 3 of your credit reports and all 3 of your credit scores, then GoFreeCredit 3in1 is your best choice. This was the only credit reporting company that we researched that we could recommend that offers a 3in1 credit report & free credit scores from all 3 bureaus.

You still get the 3-bureau credit monitoring which will alert you of any suspicious changes to your credit reports. Having access to all 3 credit reports and 3 credit scores will give you a great overview of your credit situation whether you are trying to get a new loan, look for errors, or spot identity theft.

GoFreeCredit 3in1 is THE choice if you are looking for all 3 credit reports + 3 scores for FREE.

GoFreeCredit FICO

GO FREE CREDIT FICO REVIEW: Go to Web Site | Back to Overview Chart

If you are looking for your actual FICO score which is what most lenders use, then this GoFreeCredit Fico offer is the one for you. The FICO score is a score from Fair Isaac Corporation which is what most lenders use. If you don't need all 3 scores but are looking for the most used score, then use this service. They exceeded all of our expectations and were by far the best offer out there for a free FICO score. The only reason we gave them 4 stars instead of 5 is because they only offer 1 score and not all of them. But for many people all they really need is this 1 score.

Go Free Credit FICO still provides 3-bureau monitoring just like all the other offers above. This monitoring provides automatic notifications of changes to your credit report so that you know if someone is trying to steal your identity. While it does not have a $1 million guarantee, it still provides excellent coverage for Identity Theft.

We HIGHLY recommend GoFreeCredit FICO if you need to get your FICO score for free.

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